Silent dream

Unspoken words floundering in,

some deep thoughts,

some vague some lost in labyrinth,

finding a way to express

Understand my silence,

like you used to, I am yours,

then why this ignorance

Everything turning grey,

coldness is petrifying me,

clock is ticking, wait is not yet over

I know I am living a distant dream



Worked in media before and then accidentally landed into travel industry, now seeking peace in writing. My purpose is to share stories around us, sometime I could be part of it sometime just be an observer. I would like to start my journey with you and try my best to pen down my thoughts. Idea is to spread a little happiness which seems to be lost in the busy world.

I would like to connect like-minded people and seek valuable feedback.

You can email me at or drop in your comments on my blog, would love to hear from you.


Delhi meri jaan!!!

Delhi is magnificent, with lots of colors and shades, painted with different hues and I live here. Delhi is an amalgamation of culture and one can get to see several contrast but for that you need an exploring eye. I have come up with series of interesting stories and here I am starting to share those little stories that actually made my day.