Funny guy in metro

Time 6;30 PM, I boarded metro . It is a rush time generally as people head toward homes from their offices. If by chance you happen to get a seat you must thank god for being extremely lucky. As usual I was standing in crowd fighting for the little space I made in the general coach. A middle age lady dressed in Indian attire managed to grab some space near me.There were three friends two boys and a girl in the middle, one of those fat guy seem to be really funny. And I heard a little conversation that made my day and here I am sharing that with you.

Guy (to the lady)- Aunty, please sit here (as he was about to leave his seat)

Lady– (to the guy)- Don’t call me Aunty, I am only 43

Guy (to the lady)- “No worries Aunty, please sit here”

All the people nearby burst into laughter and aunty was smiling sheepishly.